Nautilus executives attend Irish Technology Leadership Group 2018 Annual Leadership Group Awards

Pictured Left to Right: James Connaughton, President and CEO, Nautilus Data Technologies; Heather Humphreys, TD, Minister for Business, Enterprise, and Innovation; Chad Romine, VP of Business Development; Arnold Magcale, Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

Nautilus Data Technology leadership were honored to attend and sponsor the Irish Technology Leadership Group (ITLG) 2018 Annual Leadership Group Awards event at Stanford University on Thursday, March 15th.

ITLG is a non-profit organization comprised of senior executives from some of the world's leading corporations, each of whom is committed to promoting the technology connection between Ireland, Silicon Valley, and USA. The network of 20,000 Irish diaspora has four key focus areas: Entrepreneurship, Female Leadership, Young Innovators and Education.

Nautilus Data Technologies was a 2017 “Silicon Valley 50” honoree. Nautilus is committed to advancing innovation and collaboration with Ireland and recently received funding from The Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) to advance Ireland’s global leadership in clean technology and data center design.

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