Future Proof Your Infrastructure

Our water-cooled data centers offer unprecedented advantages, including energy savings, water conservation, environmental sustainability and rapid global scalability.

We're Changing the Data Center Environment

with Zero Impact Cooling

Our water-cooled data centers are leading a global transformation to high-performance, ultra-efficient, and environmentally sustainable operations in the data center sector. 

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Zero Water Consumption


100kW Per Rack


1.15 PUE


Stockton 1 is Now Available

7MW Waterborne Data Center

Cool your mission-critical IT without wasting precious drinking water.

A traditional 15-megawatt facility uses roughly 130 million gallons of water annually. Our data center uses naturally cold water without any waste – no consumption, no refrigerants, no chemicals – it goes right back to the source.

  • No impact on fish or wildlife

  • 30+% net reduction in energy-related CO2 and air pollution

  • Data center can be placed on land or water



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